Our Plain English Terms & Conditions

WooNinja is a company that offers software and services to you. We assume you are going to operate in good faith, not use of services in a manner which is deemed illegal and you will do your utmost to uphold our reputation. You agree that there are fees for using our services. You agree to pay these fees, and any additional fees, on time and in full when requested by us.

WooNinja pricing is based on the total number of invoices we host on your behalf in our system. It is your responsibility to regularly review your account to ensure you are satisfied with your billing.

Occasionally, things can go wrong and data may be lost, corrupted or simply unavailable when needed. By using our services, you agree to these risks and terms (which are in greater detail below) and agree that WooNinja cannot be held liable for any damages caused to you, your company or your customers occurring from the use of our software.

WooNinja will make best effort to display your invoices with the information available to us from Thinkific but we cannot be held liable for inaccuracies in this data. This software is currently not certified or otherwise endorsed for use with any governing, issuing or accounting body, nor should it be relied upon within a court of law. This software should not be used for compliance, auditing or to fulfil tax obligations.

By using our software you are agreeing that you cannot hold us responsible for any loss, however caused, through the use of our software.

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If you have any questions about these Terms, do not use our services and contact us via our website.